How to become a trusted-doctor?
2 min readDec 9, 2019

3 easy steps to join

  1. Owner doctor signs up on the website
  2. Doctor gets a brand new virtual practice
  3. The doctor invites other people like office managers, nurse, staff to join

That’s it

If you are not the owner doctor, you can still join the trusted doctor's independent group. You can connect with doctors of your specialty and get all benefits of

Now, does all marketing for the doctor's office — free of cost. This is done to ensure good doctors are recognized in society.

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About: is the world’s #1 place for finding trusted doctors. Every doctor is manually verified extensively and only top doctors get TD seal of trust

Our world would be a nice place if people can have access to good doctors & with Our mission is to encourage doctors who are doing good for humanity and having patients access to doctors they can trust on

Becoming a trusted-doctor come with a lot of benefits:

•They have trusted seal of trust to show the world that they are a top elite doctor

•They get tools like Office notes, in-office WhatsApp secure messenger to help run the office more efficiently

•They communicate with their peers using E-Referrals saving them time and money

•Their patients love to take appointments from them using smart appointment tools.

•They have access to a comprehensive education video library to help their patients make informed decisions