6 min readDec 30, 2019


Can science create happy, successful and relevant people?

To find the answer to this we would have to peel a lot of layers of an onion — who defines what is “Happy” or “Successful” — You ask 100 people, most would say it’s all relative to each other

We did a lot of research and came to simple definitions:

Happy: If you send & receive positive energy to people around you

Living in present

Enjoy every moment

Successful: If you don’t have to worry about material things in life like money, fame, etc — You either have earned enough or got enough appreciation from society

Having resources to live in moment

Achieving your goals in life

Relevant: Would you/your skills still be relevant in future ?

Society needs you

You make a difference in someone’s life

Why do we even ask this question?

We all want our kids to be happy, healthy and successful in life.

As parents, we take basic steps by sending them to a good school. Does getting good grades mean you would be successful in life? Can they earn money, fame, live a healthy lifestyle, have good friends? I don’t know about you, however thinking about it, I usually just give up as there does not seems a “well defined” answer for it. So we just go with the normal flow of life and hope everything would be OK

As kids start growing and run into any issues, we start ‘fixing’ the issues — “one issue at a time”

Maybe if that issue is resolved, we feel happy, however sometimes while ‘fixing’ that issues make us “lose focus” on the bigger picture of kids' success.

Some of the early key patterns are:

1. Defiant behavior — Kids confronting you and saying no to whatever you say

2. Handle dawdling — Does your child take 10 minutes to…